De-addiction Methods

navjeevan rehabilitiation

Counselling and meditation:- In this therapy the complete counselling for patient and his family, has been done by counsellor. In this technique after deep counselling find out the exact  cause for addiction. Commonly  the cause may be physically or mentally. Try to cure the cause.De-addiction Methods

de-addiction treatment

Injection therapy:- In this therapy physical and mental changes has been cured by injections , basically chemical imbalance is cured.De-addiction Methods

de-addiction methods

Detox treatment:– In this method one day admission is required for the patient various injections and I.V fluids are required for methods

navjeevan patient admission

Admission:– In this method patient is admitted in our De addiction centre for 30 days. Regular counselling ,detox treatment , medication with withdrawal management is conducted.

alcoholism treatment medicine

Not known to patient medical treatment:-In this method family members can leave the addiction without knowing the addicted person. They can use our medicine and mixed in food products.

De-addiction Methods